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Outside our world, there is a completely different alternate universe, full of strangeness and danger. If one is careless, one can fall through there. It is difficult to find the way out, as there are many levels and traps in this world, as well as monsters that do not mind eating a human being. All travelers start on a standard level with yellow shadows and lots of doors. Some of the doors are closed, and others are just a wall behind them. There are also those that lead to other levels of this world. And only one door leads to the homeworld, but one must first be found. It is not easy to do – the player has to open all the doors one by one. However, the level is also inhabited by monsters, so if the player hears a sound, he needs to start running and hiding.


The player controls the character by pressing the arrow keys on the keyboard. The player can also use the arrow buttons to do this. There are many items in the game that will be of use to the player. For example, markers. Markers can be used to make marks on walls. This way the player will know where he has already been. To interact with the items the player needs to use the mouse button. By turning the mouse he will be able to rotate the camera. In addition, the player has a level of consciousness. Over time he will drop down. If it falls too low, the player will go crazy and lose. In order to avoid this, the player needs to look at the clock on his hand every 30 seconds. The player will also be able to determine how long he has been in that location and how many metres he has walked.

Other features of the game

In the game, the player has no need for sleep or food. He will not die of thirst or cold. But at the same time, there are monsters living in the place, as mentioned earlier. They prey on people and also have very subtle hearing. Even the slightest sound they can hear. If they do, they will immediately go for the sound. When they see the player, they will immediately rush to attack him. Monsters cannot be fought off, the player cannot harm them in order to defend themselves. There are also no weapons in the game. The only option for the player is to run away as soon as he hears or sees something. If they do attack a player, they are instantly killed. Thus the game is over and the player loses and the game should be restarted.

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