The House Of Evil Granny

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The game tells the story of an ominous house, in which no one has lived for years. Rumour has it that an evil creature lives there and kills people. It is not known how the main character got here. He wakes up on his bed and remembers absolutely nothing. He tries to find a way out of the house but soon realizes that the only way out is the front door, tightly closed and he needs a key to open it. But it did not take him long to find the key – a disfigured old woman with a hammer in her hand and a key around her neck has entered the room. She starts chasing the protagonist, trying to kill him. Now the player has to help the protagonist find a way to defeat the old woman.

How to survive in this house

The house has many rooms in which the player can hide from the old woman. This monster has very good hearing. Thus, if the player makes a noise, the old woman will instantly hear it and go for the sound. If she sees the player, she will immediately try to attack. The player may try to hit her on the head with something. This will paralyze the old woman for 15 seconds and the player has time to run away from her with the key. But first, he has to find a suitable object to hit the old woman with. Also, the fright will quickly come to her senses.

Other tactics

The player may also try to hide from the old woman. As mentioned earlier, there are many rooms in the house. They contain different furniture that can be used to escape from the monster. Thus, if the player realizes that the old woman is approaching, he can try to hide from her under the bed or in the wardrobe. The old woman will not look there, and will simply run her eyes around the room and leave to look for the player in another part of the house. This should be enough time to think of a further plan of action and then implement it. If the old woman does catch the player, she will hit him with the hammer.

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