Siren Head

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In the game, you arrive on an island that looks totally abandoned. There is only a forest and the occasional building where no one lives. Here you meet a monster – a huge giant with sirens instead of a head. You need to escape from him. As soon as you hear the sirens, he is approaching and you need to get away from him. Hide under trees, rocks, and abandoned buildings where you can find some hints that can be useful. If the monster catches you, he will kill you and the game is over.

The monster

The events of the game begin on an abandoned island that no one has visited in a long time. People abandoned it years ago and in the meantime, it has become legendary for its monsters that attack all life. This is what has kept people away from the place. However, the game’s protagonist, who is the player, doesn’t believe the rumors and decides to go there himself and check out what’s going on in the place. Once he reaches the island by boat, he moors the boat at the pier and walks around the island. After a while, he hears sirens blaring, and soon a huge giant appears from behind the forest, making these terrible noises. Now the protagonist realizes that he has to run away and escape from the monster in every possible way, as well as unravel the mysteries of the island.

The gameplay

The creature that lives on the island is a horrible monster that legend says was created in a biological laboratory. Over time it has become strong enough to escape from the lab. It now dwells in the countryside or abandoned places, making itself uninhabitable. In addition to siren sounds, the creature can make sounds that imitate animal voices or sounds, as well as music. It usually hunts people and animals by feeding on them – it has mouths with fangs inside the sirens. If it catches a player, it will immediately eat him. Fighting the creature is useless, as it is very strong and immune to all weapons. If the player hears the sirens or sees the monster, the only way to escape is to flee.

The game has survival elements. Thus, it is up to the player to find ways to live on the island long enough to unravel all its mysteries. The game’s main quest item is the notes, which the player can find in different places in different parts of the island – in abandoned houses, under rocks, in chests and in trees. They will give him important information that will be important for his survival. As stated earlier, the monster cannot be attacked, but the player can still run away from it, as the player is faster than the giant. Hiding from it can be done in different places. For example, in old abandoned houses, under trees and behind rocks. If the player is discovered by the giant, he loses because he will be eaten.

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