The Baby In Yellow

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The game is about a young girl who works as a nanny. One day she is asked to babysit a small child for a few evenings. The first evening was quite ordinary – she changed nappies, fed the baby, and finally put him to bed. Afterward, she decided to watch television on the sofa but suddenly fell asleep. After a while, she was woken up by the crying of the baby, who somehow got out of the cot. She put him down again, but it happened again. However, the nanny did not think much of it. On the second night, the strange things did not stop and even got worse. Terrified, the nanny tried to flee the house, but it was not easy, as the baby wouldn’t let her go so sets up lots of traps to catch her.

The baby

The child turns out to be more than just a child with paranormal powers – he is a real devil who has somehow taken up residence in the child’s body. He has many powers that will hinder the player’s progress in the story. For example, he can tease the player by appearing in the most unexpected places, and when the player tries to get close to him, he will abruptly disappear. He can also steal items, break equipment and put locks on doors. Gradually the tasks will become more and more difficult and the player will find it more and more difficult to solve them. For example, in one moment the child will invoke demons from the hell. The main clue for the player is the white rabbit symbol, which will tell him the right direction to go.

The secret of the child

The child also has a spooky secret that the player has to solve. The child also has a scary secret that the player must solve. This will give the next clue, namely the music code, which the player needs to play on the piano. This will open a secret room in which lies a gramophone record, which reveals the child’s secret. Other clues can also be used to unravel it – for example, there are books scattered throughout the game with strange inscriptions on them which give clues about the child’s origins.

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