FNF FNAF Security Breach

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Welcome to one of the most successful combinations of two popular gaming projects. This time, you will meet characters from both FNF and FNAF. One day, Boyfriend and Girlfriend went to a new entertainment center – Mega Pizzaplex is an excellent place to have pizza and just play with lovely animatronics. They love everything they see inside and entirely forget about time.

Time to play

When they have finally decided they are ready to go home, they have seen that the complex has closed. How to get out of here now? They believe they just need to find a place to sleep and in the morning, their imprisonment will be over. But everything will turn out to be more complicated! The toys which brought them so much fun just a few hours ago now seem strange. They all came to life and turned into monsters! These creatures are very angry and freely move around the whole building. Now, the life of Boyfriend and Girlfriend is in danger! But do you remember that the hero has a superpower. He can use his musical talent to escape from here. But for this, Boyfriend must win a whole chain of rap duels against each toy to realize his plan. It is going to be a real challenge as the opponents are just dreaming to get the boy and tear him apart. These insane toys love the idea to take part in a music competition.

 Horror Game

And they can dance really well. So you must interfere and help Boyfriend in this deadly confrontation. Do you remember the rules? You will have to listen to a new song and try to dance to its rhythm harmoniously. You will see several floating arrows on the screen, just above the head of the personage. You will need to press them to make him move. But cannot hit these symbols randomly, otherwise, your health bar will quickly turn red. You must follow all the beats of the song and press the relevant arrow to match every note. Even if it sounds difficult at first, you will soon master all the nuances if you are attentive enough. Go through some training to understand how everything works in the game, and you will soon dance like a pro! Do not miss playing this exciting entertainment – you will have a lot of fun.

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