Friday Night Funkin Vs Freddy Fazbear

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The game is a music fight simulation game. The plot of the game revolves around a boy and a girl who meet horrible evil robots who have kidnapped the girl and won’t give her back. The boy tries to save her and the monsters suggest he take part in a musical duel. In order to save his friend, the boy agrees to do so. The player has to help the child win the musical duel. The game has many options that the player can choose for himself. For example, the game mode. There are two in total. One of them tells the story of how robots and children met. The second mode, free-play mode, has no story and is just a game where the player will sing.

Other options

The player can also select a difficulty level – there are three altogether. The difficulty level will determine how fast the game can be played. The player can choose between easy, normal and hard difficulty levels. The player can also choose the song he wants to play. Regardless of the mode chosen, the gameplay remains the same. The player needs to press the arrow buttons on the keyboard in the correct order. The order of pressing will be shown on the screen. If the player makes mistakes, this is no problem, he just needs to try not to make too many mistakes, otherwise, he will lose and the game will end. In this case, the player has to restart the game in a simpler mode or maybe try a new song.

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