Baldi’s Fun New School Remastered

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The player is to become a schoolboy who is given tasks by his teacher. The questions must be answered correctly. At first, the tasks are very simple, but gradually they become more difficult, and soon it will be impossible to complete them. So the teacher gets furious and starts attacking the player. Now the latter has to run away from the man and try to save himself. The game has several modes available to the player like infinite run or story mode – he can choose any of them.

The ways to break out of school

To get out of the school, the player needs quest items. They are scattered all over the school. These are ordinary school things like pens, pencils, tartars and so on. They can be found in many different places and sometimes the player has to walk all over the school to find an item. When the player finds eight notebooks, he will be able to get out of the school, but there is also a challenge – he has to find the right exit out of the four possible ones. The player can also try to play the game in a different mode, where the tasks and story will be different. For example, there may be no quest items, but there will be an endless race.

The game tells the story of a young boy at school. His teacher, a tall bald man, gives him different tasks, which the child quickly copes with. But gradually the tasks become more and more difficult, the child makes mistakes and the teacher gets furious. He starts chasing the child around the school. The student has no choice but to run away from the teacher. There are no weapons in the school and the child cannot fight off the teacher if the teacher catches up with him. So the only option for the child is to run away. The teacher’s movement speed depends on how many wrong answers the player has – the more wrong answers, the faster the teacher moves. There are also several modes in the game.

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