Five Nights At Freddy’s

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Everyone knows that the most delicious pizza can be found in Freddy’s pizzeria. Moreover, this place is well-known for the best entertainment ever. Here you can interact with several animatronics absolutely for free. But your character will not come for fun here. He has received a new job. And now, he will work as a night guard here. The guy is happy as he is ready to take all night shifts. But weird things start to unveil already during the first night. As soon as visitors and employees leave the place, it immediately started looking fishy.

Work so hard

What is so unusual here? Have a look at the screen in your room – it delivers records from surveillance camera and will give you a hint on what is going one. Lovely animatronics came to life and wander inside. They are no longer as motionless as they used to be. On the contrary, they are actively moving around the place, looking for someone to attack. What should you do now as you have no any weapon. You should stay in your room and watch their movements. Activate the mechanism to keep your door locked for short time not allow them in. You will need to maneuver with electricity as its supply is limited! Will you manage to survive in this dangerous environment? Join now to develop an effective strategy and defeat all the enemies once and forever. Do not relax even for a second as the animatronics can attack from literally from nowhere. This game has received positive feedback from thousands of gamers. Hopefully, you will like it too.

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