UCN Jumpscare Simulator

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Do you like to interact with evil animatronics? Then here is a new adventure with these insane toys – UCN Jumpscare Simulator. But this time, get ready for extremely scary events! In this episode, the plot is entirely different compared to the previous chapters. Your character is not locked in a pizzeria as before. Now, your task is just to openly confront the opponents. And you can choose yourself whom you want to meet in the fighting arena. You will find a special animatronic gallery in the menu. Here you will see both old and new personages. It is up to you what opponent you want to confront. But note that all toys are unique, and each comes with a unique set of features. All you have to do is to click on the image of the toy you want to fight right now.

Your Simulator

But do not take it too easy – the developers did their best to create the most terrible heroes ever. You will definitely not avoid the goosebumps on your back once you dive into this adventure. Once you select a hero to play, you need to immediately prepare for intense attacks of your enemy. If you fail to react instantly, you will be destroyed by the antagonist in no time. Therefore, one of the tasks is to be faster than a robotic toy in front of you and beat him up before he can bring you any damage. Do not stop on one character only – they are all different and can bring you a different gaming experience. So take time to experiment with all of these crazy toys. Will you manage to outperform all of them? You will never know before you try – so do not waste time and plunge into this thrilling adventure.

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