Slenderman Vs Freddy The Fazbear

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It is not a rare case that developers take famous characters from popular projects and confront them together in an entirely new game. This entertainment is one of such ideas. You definitely know Slenderman and Freddy Fazbear, or maybe be even played with these heroes earlier. This time, these two personages will meet in a new exciting adventure where they will try to delete each other. It really sounds thrilling as both characters are very dangerous and will not give in so easily. At the very beginning, you need to decide for yourself whether you will play for Slenderman or Freddy.

Ready to play?

It is the most winning feature of the game that you can try any role. Then you will find yourself on the territory of the abandoned building. Now, you need to explore every corner inside it. But be extremely careful as your enemy set a lot of traps for you. Your task will depend on the role you have chosen. If you are playing for Slenderman – you must find several pieces of pizza that can be hidden in the most unexpected places. And if you are looking at Freddy Fazbear, then you should look for wrap of papers with some text on these. You can imagine that the encounter of two strong personages will not be boring. Who will win? Everything depends on your agility ad logic. If you are a fan of FNAF or games with Slenderman, you will love this entertainment too! The game comes with a lot of thrills and some horror coloring, but it is absolutely fine for young players too!

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