Freddy’s Escape House

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Welcome to a fun reaction game where you will have to get out of a maze! But this time, you will be playing for one of the insane animatronics from a well-known pizzeria. And your character is dreadful Freddy. You will find him in a strange mansion. This place is associated with lots of scary mysteries and legends. And once you get inside, you will understand why it is so dangerous. The place seems to consist of never-ending corridors and rooms. You may have already guessed that you will need to escape from here as soon as possible. But where is the exit and does it exist at all? This is your main task to explore everything here attentively and find the front door. Do not think it is going to be easy – you will come across many obstacles and even traps.

Darkness here

And you will have to avoid them all without a stop. Once you stop moving – the game will be over for you. Do not even slow down, otherwise, your enemies will immediately catch and kill you. You even do not know who is your antagonist. You just clearly realize somebody is following you on your heels. And what is even more frightening, you will be moving in the complete darkness. Watch for the flashing arrows that will give you a hint on the route to follow. Do you best not to miss a single arrow, otherwise, you will easily get lost here. Now it depends only on you and your agility whether your hero will really survive. Join the game now to demonstrate your courage and determination to find an exit from this spooky labyrinth. This game comes with horror elements but can be played by children as well.

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