Five Nights At Freddy’s: Sister Location

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There was a very popular pizzeria in one town. Its main feature was robots that could sing and entertain children. During the day they created a festive atmosphere, but at night they turned into creepy, bloodthirsty monsters who preyed on those who stayed in the pizzeria overnight. The main player was just such an unlucky tracker, who now had to find a way to survive in this dangerous place. The player has a total of five nights in which he must survive amongst the dangerous robots. At the end of this period, he will be able to escape from the cafe. If the monsters catch him, he loses and the game ends.


The player is in a location with many monitors. Each monitor is connected to a camera in the pizzeria, which shows what is happening in a particular location. They can be used to track the robots and thus find out where the monsters are moving. If they try to enter the room, the player has to close the door. But as soon as he closes the door, his oxygen level starts to drop. If it drops completely, the player suffocates and dies. If the player fails to close the door in time, the monsters will climb in and kill him. Thus the player has to look for a balance.

More options

The player can unlock access to other levels and cut-scenes, which only become available when the player has completed the main part of the story. For example, after successfully completing five nights, the player will gain access to a 16-bit game in which robots attack a little girl. If the player successfully plays this mini-game, they will gain access to the next game, which is similar to the events of the fifth night, but with a new storyline. The player will also gain access to images and blueprints of the robot, their creation, a warehouse map, and automatic access to the minigame with new missions and tasks.

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