FNAF Ultimate Custom Night

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Animatronics from the famous pizzeria have already missed you and invite you to a new adventure in the FNAF world. This time, it is FNAF Ultimate Custom Night. But if you have never played this game before, you should not be misled by friendly appearance of these robotic dolls. They are very far from what they try to pretend. You will come to work here – your character received a job of a night guard. And he was not warned about treacherous toys. Unfortunately, he will soon find out the terrible truth during his first shift. As soon as everyone leaves and he remains alone here, strange things start to happen. The guy clearly understands he is not alone here. But who can sneak into pizzeria after midnight. To his horror, the hero finds out these are animatronics.

Game for all

And they have been transformed into bloodthirsty monsters. Now, you first and foremost task is to survive till the morning. In this game modification, you will be able to select your enemies yourself. Go to the menu – you will find over 50 options to choose from. Furthermore, you can customize the preferred option additionally. You can regulate the level of its anger. The developers added a special aggression scale, you can adjust its level from 1 to 10. Your task remains the same – you need to keep these creatures from getting into your office. But do not forget they are all different, and you will need to use different methods to neutralize them. The best strategy is to hide in your office and keep your door locked when any evil doll comes too close.

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