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Do you love adventures with animatronics from Freddy’s pizzeria? Then you will be delighted to know that a new thrilling installment with these bloodthirsty creatures is released – Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach! This time, players are invited to a new entertainment center – Mega Pizzaplex. It is a huge complex with several floors where children like to spend time with their parents. It is extremely popular thanks to animated toys that play with visitors during the day. But are they so friendly as they pretend? Let’s find it out together!

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Meet a new character

This time your hero is not a night guard as in the previous chapters. Instead, you will play for a boy named Gregory. He was too involved in different activities and did not notice how quickly the time passed. So he stayed completely alone in big premises with no one around. Unfortunately, the hero will deal not only with darkness that most children are afraid of. A real nightmare awaits him in this place – lovely robotic toys turn out to be bloodthirsty monsters that will immediately start hunting the boy. Earlier, the hero had surveillance cameras to watch the movements of the antagonists and an auto-lock to stay protected in his room. Now, things are much worse. Gregory is just a little kid who is really vulnerable against terrible monsters. He will have to move in the open world and hide from treacherous toys who immediately felt someone is on their territory.

Trick your enemies!

In FNAF Security Breach(SB) you will see fully redesigned animatronics. But you will immediately recognize old personages as well as meet new ones. The main antagonist is Vanessa who works as a guard here. It is the first time that human takes the side of evil toys and plays against the main hero. However, Gregory will have one advantage in this chapter. Now, he will have been helped by one of the animatronics. And you will never guess who it is. Freddy! This dangerous toy will help the boy to survive till the morning. Still, the adventure is associated with unbelievable risks. So you need to explore everything around and find safe places to hide whenever your enemies get too close. You will be also able to mislead them by creating noise and running away. Thus, you can use bottles with paint to break and produce a sound or scatter different toys everywhere to distract your opponents. The main thing is not to stay at one and the same place for too long as these evil creatures will discover you sooner or later. Move around the place and find new and new tricks to win time. The gameplay is full of thrills from the beginning till the end – you will definitely enjoy it! Besides, you will never know in advance what ending you will arrive at!

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