FNAF: Final Purgatory

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If you want to go through the creepiest adventure with the animatronics from pizzeria – try FNF Final Purgatory. The mission remains the same as in all other chapters of the series. You will have to survive several nights with a bunch of these terrible creatures by your side. At first, there are no surprises – you see that there are several robotic dolls in the pizzeria that are designed to enjoy visitors here. They do not seem scary despite different rumours you were told before you dare to visit the place. And very soon you will understand that these warnings were not groundless.

Final Purgatory

Once the click strikes twelve, you will see everything with your own eyes. The dolls stopped smiling and turned into evil monsters ready to attack and kill. And what is really frightening, this game modification comes with more than fifty personages you can choose from. Each of them has individual features and is really horrible to deal with. Will you have enough skills not to become their victim? There will be no weapon to use here. All you have is a small room where you can activate an auto lock. But the electricity supply is limited, so distribute it wisely. And if you want to leave your room, check the surveillance cameras to see how far your enemies are at the moment. This process will take through a lot of thrills! Do your best to navigate around the place so that no enemy could catch you. Use all your logical skills to succeed and delete every monster around you. You will definitely not regret that you have chosen this plot!

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