Undertale Enchanted (HD Remake)

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The game is about a little girl who goes for a walk in the mountains and suddenly falls through a portal into another world. It turns out to be a world of monsters that have moved underground after losing a war with humans. Some of them are angry at humans because of this and hate them. Some are even trying to kill the girl. However, there are also good monsters who protect her and save her from evil. They want to help the girl to return to her world, but it turns out it’s not so easy and she will have to pass many tests and unravel the evil secrets of this world and the war between people and monsters that took place in the past.

The world of the monsters

The world of monsters is an unusual place, so the player must be prepared that any creature, even a pretty little flower, can turn out to be a horrible monster. The player will have to repeatedly engage in fights with them, using weapons or magic. During combat, the player can control not only the girl but also the companion characters who help him. All of the player’s actions – their actions, words, and choices – affect the game’s ending. There are four different endings in the game, which depend entirely on the player’s actions. The story can also change, depending on how the player behaves. The player can become either a hero or a villain, which will plunge the world into chaos.

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