Slendrina X: The Dark Hospital

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The events of the game begin in an old, abandoned hospital, in which the protagonist somehow finds himself. He wakes up in the place and has no memory of how he got there. The only thing he understands is that he needs to get out of here somehow. So the protagonist sets out to find a way out. Soon he realizes that the entrance to the hospital is locked and he won’t be able to get out through the window. So he needs to find the key that will open the door and help him get out. But he soon realizes that he is not alone in the place – the hospital has some inhabitants, but they are not human at all. They are horrible monsters that prey on uninvited guests. Now it’s also up to the protagonist to survive and not get caught by the monsters.

Finding the way out

There are many missions and challenges for the protagonist to overcome in order to find his way out. The main quest is the quest for quest items. They can be found anywhere, sometimes even at the other end of the building. Thus, the player will have to go through a large area, because the hospital is not small, and not to be caught by monsters. If the monsters notice the player, they will immediately move toward him and start attacking. After that, the player will lose and die. The player can find some kind of weapon that will help him fight the monsters but will not give full protection. The only way to survive the game is to hunt down the monsters and find the key to get out.

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