FNAF Security Breach

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The crazy adventures in Freddy’s pizzeria have been enjoyed by millions of players. Lovers of thrills and jumpscares love to play hide-and-seek with animatronics who turn into bloodthirsty monsters in the night. In all previous chapters, the events unfold in a pizzeria where players try on the role of a night guard. His mission is to survive five long shifts in the company of these dangerous creatures.

Feeling intrigued?

Even if this plot was extremely popular among the users, the developer decided to come up with something new to make the gaming experience more thrilling. So this time, you will enjoy a completely new story! Feeling intrigued? Then, let’s get started. First of all, you will find yourself in a new environment. It is no longer a small pizzeria but a big entertainment center Mega Pizzaplex! As before, people come here to do shopping, have a pizza, and children enjoy playing with animated toys. Your main hero is not a night guard. This time, it is Gregory, a small boy. He adores the place and is fully involved in the entertaining activities. The boy does not follow the time, and when he finally looks around, he sees nobody around. Gregory rushes to the exit, but it is already locked! He is very upset but there is no other solution but to wait till morning until the place reopens again. It would be great if it were the only problem of the hero. Soon, he will find out that he is literally trapped here. The thing is that friendly animatronics have come to life and turned into very angry monsters. These creatures are happy to see they will have a new victim. So they immediately start hunting the poor boy. If you remember the previous releases, the night guard had a small room and a surveillance camera. It was easier for him to monitor the whereabouts of his opponents.

Animatronics here!

But this time, it changes – the hero will move around the whole building where the enemy can appear from around the corner at any minute. All you can do is to find a small place to hide. The animatronics have also changed now – you will the old personages in a new design and even several new toys. Will you help Gregory live to the morning? You should also know one thing – Freddy will be on your side this time and will help you in the most difficult situations. So do not waste any more time – plunge into this fabulous story and get a lot of fun!

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