Three Nights At Fred

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Are you strong enough to return to the pizzeria with insane animatronics? If you love thrills, then you are definitely interested! You know well it is a kind of a trap for the player, and you will have to survive. But if you are looking for a fresh portion of adrenaline, then you have chosen the right entertainment! This time, your task is even easier than in the original FNAF series.

FNAF Horror

You need to spend only three nights in this dangerous pizzeria. But guess who will become your main opponent. Every time, it will be a different story! The very first night will bring Fred! This dangerous animatronic has no mercy when he sees someone invades his territory. Very few people manage to survive after a meeting with this insane toy. If you do everything correctly, you have to get ready for the second confrontation. It is going to be Foxy! Keep maneuvering to remain alive till the morning when the powers of your antagonist seriously weakens. And the third night is the most challenging as you will have to deal with Fred and Foxy at the same time! You need to act bravely – there are many puzzles to solve in this game and many clues to find around. All you need to do is take all measures not to be caught by these monsters before you complete all the tasks – try to keep at a safe distance or to properly hide not to meet them face to face. Remember that you need to survive the night, and the horror will be over in the morning! Try your ability to maneuver in this thrilling game – you will love every minute spent on it!

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